EMI Filters

Since 1981, Delta has produced high quality, 1phase & 3phase EMI filters that can cater for power supplies, monitors, instruments, networking and medical equipment and many other tools around the world.

The present product line covers IEC inlet filters with a maximum of 20A, chassis mounting filters with maximum of 60A and three-phase filters with maximum of 600A/520VAC. Our mass produced three-phase filters are extensively used in AC motor drives and machine tool applications.

Other applications : ranging from test instruments, networking equipment, medical equipment, PC peripherals, UPS, copy machines, AC motor drives to most other electric and electronic equipment that requires shielding.

  • IEC Inlet Filters (up to 20A)
  • IEC Inlet PC Board Mounting Filters
  • Power Entry Module Filters
  • General Purpose One-Stage & Two-Stage Filters
  • Medical Filters 
  • Three-Phase Filters (up to 600A/520VAC)
  • EMI Suppression Chokes
  • Chassis mounting filters (up to 60A)
  • Custom made specials (open PCB, ...)

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