DC/DC Converters

Cematec offers a complete range of DC/DC products ranging from 1W to 700W, covering all the popular industry standard sizes and footprints.

Using high switching frequency, hybrid circuit, chip-on-board and surface mounting technologies, these DC-DC converters provide high power density, a low profile and high efficiency. 
Accurate current sharing and fixed frequency synchronization of DC-DC converters allows reliable parallel operation for easy expansion. 
The product line covers commercial, industrial and military grade applications. 

 Isolated DC/DC Converters:

  • Sixteenth Brick-25A, DOSA compliant
  • Eighth Brick-40A 
  • Quarter Brick-60A 
  • Half-Brick-80A 
  • Bus Converter-38A 
  • 1"x1" Converters
  • 2"x1" Converters
  • Full Brick Converters

Non-isolated DC/DC Converters:

  • POLs and µPOLs
  • Delphi series of Point-of-Load (POLs)
  • IPM solutions
  • NV solutions