Cematec investing again in the assembly of the solar car (Solar Team)

The Solar Team participates from 6 to 13 October in the 2013 World Solar Challenge in Australia. This team consists of 17 students of the College Groep-T in Leuven. Fifteen months they have the time for the design and construction of a solar car to take part in the 2013 World Solar Challenge, the World Championship for solar cars.
Armed with not less than a solid dose of enthusiasm, motivation and courage they stepped all in this team. With a common goal they will now work on the fifth Belgian solar car. The expectations are high and the team will not hesitate to  challenge the competition, and hopes on a nice result.
Just like 2 years ago (see News 6/8/2011) Cematec invests again in this new build solar car.
Cematec is producing the parts for the suspension of the solar car. 
Cematec is bronze partner in this project. More info on http://www.solarteam.be/partner-companies/